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We’re revolutionising lost property management


Become a Found partner

By becoming a Found partner you’ll gain access to our leading-edge technology that can save your business time and money in managing lost property.

Our complete end-to-end lost and found reporting system platform is supported by an innovative app that enables you to report lost and found items quickly and easily. We can even help with the physical collection and storage of lost property.


Report an item in three clicks

In just three clicks an item can be reported as found! You’ll just need a smartphone and our app.

Simply take a photo of the item you’ve found and our photo recognition technology will turn all it’s details into a digital format, ready for our database. Information such as the brand, model, colour, date and your location get filled in automatically. Pretty cool, huh?


Press ‘submit’ and we’ll do the rest

Our backend database will then search to identify a match from any reported lost items. Our lost and found software uses a unique weighting system to compare the descriptions of each item, making finding a match more likely.

When a match is made, you’ll be connected with the owner of the item to arrange it’s return or collection.


If the owner can’t be found, we’ll help manage your unclaimed items

If the item is unclaimed, we’ll help free up your storage. Found and our charity partners are on hand to collect any unclaimed items and if required we can also help to outsource the whole storage and logistics process