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Recovering Lost Property in the UK

Recovering lost property has been such a nightmare in the UK

You may not realise it, but in the UK we lose over 50 million items a year! That’s a lot of stuff waiting to be found. Usually, when you lose something you have to fill out forms, telephone around and post in numerous social media groups. It’s basically a painful and not very successful process.

The problem is even more exasperated in big cities and tourist hotspots. Visitors tend to travel around and visit multiple places in a day. Getting back to the hotel and realising they no longer have their phone could leave them with a long list of cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions to

Unfortunately back in October 2018 many police forces across the UK, including the Met and Avon & Somerset Police, announced they wouldn’t hold lost property anymore. So with the police not providing a safe place to hand things in, the responsibility to return lost property to its
owner has shifted to businesses and individuals.

Lost property apps – Technology simplifies the recovery process
But all is not lost. In the last few years, some quality lost property apps have been coming into the UK market. These lost property apps offer a solution that takes advantage of modern-day technology, image recognition software and machine learning to make finding valuables a streamlined process.

They work by allowing you to pre-register your most valued possessions and use your smartphone camera to have a photo as well. You can also add any marks or other features that are unique to your item. Pre-registered items can easily be marked as lost in just a few taps.
You don’t have to be organised to get the most out of these lost and found apps. You can register items when you lose them as well, it just might be a bit harder to recall as much information about them.

The ever expanding lost property network across the United Kingdom
These apps are making lost property woes a thing of the past. They allow you to have a complete database of your most valued possessions.
All of the stored information can be used as proof of ownership if you ever needed it for an insurance claim. These lost property apps have also created a strong network in cities such as London, Bristol and Bath, which brings together the public and businesses. This has never been done before, so now the finder can be in direct contact with the loser of it so they can
communicate in real-time. Last but by no means least, these tech savvy apps have delivery options built into them as well. It’s not always convenient to go back to pick up your lost item, so having the option to arrange delivery right back to your door is essential.

It shouldn’t have taken so long, but the 21st Century solution we have all been dreaming of is finally here. Lost property apps are here to make protecting your belongings in the UK easy and getting them back a doddle.

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Tell us who is Bossing It in Bristol

We’re shining the spotlight on a different kind of hero. We want to know about the Bristol businesses who are Bossing It during lockdown.

Throughout lockdown, plenty of our favourite Bristol businesses have stepped to make life a bit better for us all. Now we want to know who they are and why they are Bossing It. 🎸

We’re hitting ⏸ on talking to you about lost property to sing the praises of the amazing Bristol businesses that make our city so great. From the restaurants offering amazing food direct to your door, wholesalers who are now delivering to private addresses, people giving discounts to key workers, offering up unused space or sharing fun things to do at home. We want to know about them all!

No business is too big or too small to be Bossing It, they just need to be having a positive impact. 💥

So how does it work?

📬 Email your nomination, or slide into our DM’s on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tell us who they are and why they are Bossing It.

📣 Each Friday we will announce the Bristol Boss Business on our social media accounts, we’ll tell you who is Bossing It and why they were nominated.

🎁 We’ll send them a treat to help keep their team going and show our appreciation.

Easy, right? Get nominating your favourite Bristol businesses who are Bossing It right now.

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Lost property at home? We’ll help you find it.

Got lost property at home? Don’t sweat it.

We’ve all got lost property at home woes. You’ve lost your keys when you’re about to head out for the essential shop. Or maybe that pesky gaming controller has vanished into thin air?

Normally we’d suggest using Found to find your lost property, but it is most likely in your house at the moment so how about a slightly different approach? Whilst we’re on ‘lockdown’ here are our tips to avoid a meltdown and find your things fast when they’re most likely in the building.

1. Retrace your steps 👣

Groan! It’s exactly what your mother used to say but it’s a great place to start. Determine where you last saw the item and check in all the rooms you have been to since then.

2. Check the most cluttered areas 🔍

clutter lost property at home

This one has some science behind it. According to a study from the University of Aberdeen, you need to look in the most cluttered parts of your house. You only need a quick glance over uncluttered parts of your room to know the item in question isn’t there, but apparently we keep going back. Who knew?

3. Rely on the kindness of others 💜

If you are living with other people don’t forget to ask around. Our daily routines are very, VERY different now and theirs might have changed as well. Check in with your roomies/partners/kids and see if they can shed any light on this mystery.

BONUS TIP for pet owners 😼

This is really for the cat owners out there. Your cat is probably annoyed that you are ruining it’s perfectly crafted routine. It may be trying to sabotage you. Try tailing it to see if your kitty is hiding your things next to all the elastic bands it’s been stealing from the postie…

Did you find it?

We really hope so. If you are prone to losing things then why not get ready for post-lockdown days and download the Found app? You can pre-register your valuables, so if you lose them out and about in Bristol, you can mark them lost in a tap! Give it a try today and let us know what you think.

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