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We’re raising on Seedrs

Capital at Risk – Approved by Seedrs

If you want to join the community that protects, you’re in luck.

Found is about to launch a campaign with Seedrs which will allow you to invest in Found and become part of the community that protects. We’re making the finishing touches to our pitch and the campaign will go live next week.

Our Bristol community has rapidly grown with 60 businesses signed up. We’re officially launching in Bristol on Tuesday 18th November and have our BIG Bristol Treasure Hunt taking place on Saturday 23rd November.

Our technology is leading edge and poised to change the way we deal with lost property. We’re in a period of rapid growth and want to invite you to come with us.

Why did we chose Seedrs? Much like Found they take a community focussed approach, allowing you to connect with people who want to come on the journey with you as well as raising capital. Seedrs are equity crowdfunding done properly, and that’s something we can get behind.

So keep you eyes peeled, we anticipate the campaign will go live on Thursday 19th November!